Blue Ombre Shimmer

Now that I've begun to fill in the specific color gaps in my polish collection, I finally have enough to do an "ombre" manicure. Basically, this just means you want five (one for each finger) different shades of the same color, or four plus a white. I think the color I have the most of is blue, so that seemed like a good choice.

(Left to right: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength-Diamonds, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear-White On, China Glaze-For Audrey, Sinful Colors-Why Not, Orly-Royal Navy, and NYC-Skin Tight Denim.)

So there you go! But yeah, I like it well enough. :) Sometime I want to start with one really dark color and mix my own shades by adding white. My thumb and index turned out a little too similar for my taste, which is weird because they looked much more different from each other on my swatches. Speaking of swatches... swatch ALL the polish!

I picked these up at Sally's for $4.50 (for a pack of ten) and am having so much fun with them! I wrote brand & color abbreviations on the back, which makes picking colors so easy!