Glittering Mermaid Scales

The polish I've been most eager to try this week was one from my swap, which is Urban Outfitters "Sea Dust." This one is part metallic, part glitter, and all awesome. Although if I'm being honest, I have to say that I prefer the Deborah Lippmann "Mermaid's Dream" polish, which is quite obviously what this polish is based off of. But besides the comparison, this is a beautiful polish!

As you can see, this polish features a metallic sea foam green with a royal blue hex glitter. It definitely has some texture, but remains nice and smooth once a top coat is added.

I used three thin coats here to get a nice opacity and spread of glitter. I finished it off with a coat of Diamond Flash top coat.

Then I used my Red Angel 111 stamping plate and Essie "Go Overboard" to add some scales. Unfortunately, my nails have gotten to the point where normal sized stamping plates don't cover my entire nail. To try and fix this, I dabbed some glitter on the bottom of my nails using an unnamed blue Urban Outfitters polish.

Lastly, I added a quick coat of Pure Ice "Heart Breaker" to give it more of a shimmery, blue-green sheen.

I really like how this turned out, but I'm kicking myself for not wearing "Sea Dust" on it's own for a day or two before adding the stamping. It's so dreamy!


  1. Love what you did with this--the glitter gradient is a great solution to the image size issue!

    P.S. Not sure you're aware you've got word verification turned on--thought I'd let you know since it can be hard for people to navigate through it.

    1. Thank you! I thought so! And I couldn't believe I had never thought to do that before. I also think it might work to make sure the bottom is covered by a stamp and then if there's missing spots on the tip, add a french manicure over the top!

      Also, THANK YOU! In all this time blogging, I had never thought to look at that setting! :D

  2. Any idea if this might still be available? I tried looking online, but didn't see it on their website, or anything on Ebay.

    1. I never saw it on their website and I think my swap partner got it in the store. :/


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