Laaate Halloween Stuffz

So sorry for my absence! The husband and I have been dealing with a problem in our fireplace, which has left our office area unusable for the past week or so. Because of that, I had a hard time getting to my computer and having time to edit and post manicures. 

On a happier note, I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! These are my late Halloween-ish nails from the past week!

This first one is Candy Lacquer "Sugar Rush" over black creme. I thought this one was super cute and it totally reminded me of trick-or-treat candy wrappers! I suppose this was my way of bringing some candy into my holiday, as I couldn't actually eat candy due to dieting.

This is the manicure I wore ON Halloween. I attempted to make my fingers look like teeth, with the pointer and pinky being bloody vampire fangs. I don't think it turned out too bad for freehand!

And lastly, we have the manicure I wore this past weekend, when I was finally able to celebrate Halloween. The base is OPI "Kiss Me On My Tulips" and I topped that with a coat of Rainbow Honey "Pinkie Promise." Obviously I had to use this polish, because I dressed up as...

PINKIE PIE!!! Yes, that's right, I have to admit I like My Little Pony. *I* thought the costume turned out pretty darn cute!

Thanks for reading and I'll try to be posting more often again!


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    1. Isn't it awesome? I love that it's a glitter mix, but it's unlike any others out there!

  2. LOL cute Pinky Pie :) and Love those swatches :D Glad you had fun Tia

    Stay happy always

    1. Lol thanks! I felt so ridiculously cute in all that pink. ^_^


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