Nabi Red Holographic

Hola, readers! Are you RED-y? I've got a lovely Nabi holographic polish to show you today in the shade, you guessed it, red! Haha, get it? Ok, I'm done. XD

There are 24 different shades of these holographic polishes, but I currently only own three of them thanks to some amazing friends who sent me some! I've always wanted a true red holo polish, so picking out which one to use first was fairly easy for me!

I have to say, these polishes blew me away! I liked the Layla holos (hehe it's pretty clear that Nabi took some inspiration for the bottles and labels from Layla...) but they can be kind of a pain to apply. With this polish, I had completely the opposite experience! Super pigmented and easy to apply. I used two thin coats, but you could easily get away with one thicker coat.

On top of the Nabi, I stamped on the fishnet pattern from my Bundle Monster 209 plate with the black Essence stamping polish. (My favorite!) When all of that plus some top coat was dry, I used some tape to add some black French tips to finish the whole look.

I think it's also worth noting that this polish changes significantly when a top coat is added! Without top coat, the holographic effect is far more noticeable and it's almost a copper color. The photo below shows it without a top coat on the left and with a top coat on the right. (Please excuse the lack of cleanup on the left, this was the only picture I snapped before adding top coat!)

You can find these sold individually or in discounted bundles on both Amazon and Ebay. I am definitely eyeing a set of 12 for myself!


  1. Wow, your nails look amazing!!! Best nail polish job I've ever seen on a blog!! This is perfection. xo


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