WingDust Summer Collection: Part 6

Whelp, I failed. Weekend cleaning and tasks around the house got the better of me so I decided to skip out on swatching on Saturday and Sunday. On the bright side, this just means I get to extend these posts about the upcoming WingDust Collections polishes for a few more days!

Like with the other posts in this series, I'm using these polishes on their own (with out a base color) and with top coat. I've only got one to show you, but I think it's moved up into the spot of my favorite polish from this entire collection. Like, woah. I'll admit, I went way overboard with pictures of this one.

"The Deep End": A dark and inky, blue toned purple base with tons of pink shimmer. No joke, I would wear a version of this polish even if it didn't have the glitter, that's how much I love this base! Small iridescent hexes float behind a mix of bright pink and gray hexes in several sizes, including some huge ones. I also see some small silver hexes in there. Pigmentation is absolutely fantastic with this one and I only needed two easy coats for coverage. Even the super large hexes were pretty easy to get out of the bottle!

This is definitely another polish that has gone straight to the top of my favorites list. As far as glitter heavy polishes go, this is one is incredibly easy to apply. The pink shimmer is absolutely stunning, especially when the light hits it just right. As I've been saying in all of these posts, these polishes are magical. Please make sure you go follow WingDust Collections HERE on Facebook to get all the details on these incredible summer polishes!

*Products provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*