WingDust Wednesday: "Lilacs in June"

Hi all! Today for WingDust Wednesday I have a very special polish that I've been waiting AGES to show you. (Ok, what the hell, me? I bought this polish more than a year ago. x_x) For some reason I decided it would be extra cute to keep "Lilacs in June" in my section of untried WingDust polishes until June. Hehe, get it? Last week I was too excited and wanted to show off the new polish, "My Fair Lady," but now we're in the second week of June (plus tomorrow is my birthday) so it was time to finally try out this beauty.

"Lilacs in June" - This pale lilac-pink crelly base is filled with iridescent hexes, lavender, lilac, and magenta hexes, pale pink satin hexes, green-gold holographic hexes, and piles of blue shimmer. The base built up beautifully and I used three coats plus top coat for these photos.

Another polish that represents its name SO perfectly! I can just picture a bunch of lilacs where the buds are slightly pink but turn more purple once the flowers open up and you've even got the flecks of green in there to represent the leaves. The blue shimmer even reminds me of the subtle speckling on the inside of the flowers. It's soft, complex, and totally dreamy.

(In sunlight.)

(In the shade.)

So, yeah! Another stunning polish that both looks beautiful and applies like a dream. It probably also helps that I love purple and lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. ^_^ If only there were lilacs in my backyard that I could use in photos!

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  1. Happy Birthday Tia!!! the perfect polish for purple lovers (im one too) Absolutely gorgeous nail polish, i love all the different size glitters - its just stunning! :)

    1. Thanks so much, love! Seriously, it's so great! That shimmer just makes it amazing!


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