Reverie "Daydream"

"Daydream" - This light blue jelly base is filled with light pink, magenta, white, and baby blue glitters in hexes and dots as well as some yellow dots. It also has a fine sprinkling of pink shimmer and iridescent squares.

Application was crazy good and these photos show TWO coats plus top coat! This polish is absolutely packed with glitter but surprisingly easy to apply. I was worried when the base appeared to be so pale with the first coat, but adding a second coat gave me layered, squishy, perfection.

This was a limited edition polish that I grabbed during the last sale when Reverie was undergoing a re-branding. My bottle shows that it is #16 out of 25!

The verdict? I adore blue polishes and this one is especially beautiful. The formula is great and the color mix is so cute and girly. With top coat it looks like bright, shiny glass. I know it's kind of a dick move to show you a polish that isn't available, but I just couldn't keep this one to myself. ;)

You can find Reverie Nail Lacquer at the Reverie Nail Lacquer Etsy shop. Make sure you head over to the Reverie Nail Lacquer Facebook page and give them a like to make sure you stay up to date with sales and new collections. Thanks for reading!


  1. Holy. Balls.

    I am just DYING.

    This is a perfect glitterbomb.

    1. Seriously, a two coat jelly glitterbomb. My mind was blown.


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