Splendor Nail Lacquer Private Eyes Collection

Hi readers! Today I have a totally new brand to share with you and their first collection! The brand is Splendor Nail Lacquer and this "Private Eyes" collection is inspired by Veronica Mars. There's a ton of variety in this collection when it comes to finishes so I think there will be something for everyone!

"Mars" - This brick red creme base is filled with a subtle magenta shimmer. This shade is named for Veronica and her father Keith, as Mars is their last name! Application was super easy and these photos show three coats plus top coat.

"090909" - This shimmery, pale gold polish also sports a bit of holographic shimmer. I love that it's not crazy flashy or a heavy metallic finish. It's quite delicate, in my opinion. This one is named for the zip code of Neptune, California. These photos show four thin coats plus top coat.

"Pirate Points" - This shimmery green base is filled with emerald hexes, gold squares, and giant gold holographic circles. It's named after Neptune High's "Pirate Points" program where students can earn points from their extracurricular activities. The formula was a bit thick on this one and I think it would benefit from just a touch of thinner. I also had to chuckle because there were almost too many of the giant gold circles! Normally I complain when there aren't enough! These photos show 3-ish coats plus top coat.

"Neptune" - This bright blue jelly base is filled with white hexes, medium royal blue hexes, and some holographic shimmer. This one is named after the home town of the Mars family, Neptune, California. The base is a touch sheer on this one, but I found that it built up pretty nicely. These photos show three coats plus top coat.

"LoVe" -  This polish is a lovely shade of teal holographic. This one is named after the "epic love saga of Logan and Veronica." D'aww! Coverage was easy-peasy although it's not quite as pigmented as you'd expect. These photos show three coats plus top coat.

(You can see the linear holographic effect in direct LED light.)

"Sometimes I'm Even Persnicketier!" - This coral-pink jelly base is filled with super fine holographic glitters. The glitters are actually really interesting because they're almost like teeny-tiny bars. Or maybe "rectangles" is a better way to describe them. If you zoom in you can tell they aren't flakes or hexes like you'd normally see. Totally cool! This one is named for one of Veronica's quips. The formula was easy and applied nicely. These photos show four coats plus top coat.

"She's a Marshmallow" - This shimmery white jelly base is filled with small white squares, rainbow iridescent hexes, and medium white circles. This one is named after a nickname that Wallace gives to Veronica. Application was pretty tricky with this one, I'm not going to lie. I didn't want to layer it over white because then the white glitters would disappear and it didn't look quite right over black either. I think this one would also benefit from some thinner. These photos show four coats plus top coat and you can tell there's still a bit of visible nail line.

"Always Bring Backup" - This last polish is a clear based glitter topper filled with super fine (the same unique glitters in "Sometimes I'm Even Persnicketier!") and small holographic glitters. This one is named after Veronica's pet pit bull, Back-up. Application was easy and this shows one coat layered over "Mars" plus top coat.

My thoughts? I've never seen Veronica Mars, but from the descriptions these seem like super fun polishes! I quite like "Neptune" and "LoVe" (you know I love blues) and even "090909" really surprised me! I could definitely see myself wearing it for the holidays. "Pirate Points" totally reminds me of money with the green base and gold "coin" circle glitters! Overall I think Leslee has a strong first collection to help launcher her brand!

All eight of these will be available on the Splendor Nail Lacquer store starting on November 1st at 12 PM EST. Make sure you head over to her Facebook page and give her a like and follow her on Instagram. Let's show her some love and help this be a great launch!

*The polishes in this post were provided for my personal and 100% honest opinion."


  1. Oooh. Neptune, LoVe, and Sometimes I'm Even Persnicketier! are definite needs for me!


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