China Glaze Electric Nights Water Marble

Happy Friday, loves! Tonight I've got a neon rainbow water marble to share with you. I recently picked up eight shades from the China Glaze Electric Nights collection because I had heard that they were a good option for water marbling and have always wanted to experiment with that. Turns out they work quite well! I did have to do some testing to find out what worked best, but I think this is pretty great for my second ever attempt! 

I did a lot of testing to see what worked best. I tried bottled and tap water, but found that warm tap water worked best. If it was too cold or even room temperature the polish dried too fast and didn't spread out. I also found that if I tapped the edge of the cup it would jostle the layers and help them to spread out even better. I added drops of polish in rainbow order (ROYGBIV) but started with a different color for each nail so I could have some variety. If you have never tried water marbling I would definitely recommend watching some tutorials from other bloggers like Mucking Fusser or Sloteazzy. :D

Shades used: 

"Red-y to Rave" - A neon red-orange with maybe a hint of coral.
"Home Sweet House Music" - A bright neon (I'm calling it mango) orange.
"Daisy Know My Name" - A neon lemon yellow, not to green-toned like some neon yellows can be.
"Treble Maker" - A true bright green that leans just a bit teal.
"DJ Blue My Mind" - A bright blue, the darker of the two blues in this collection.
"PLUR-ple" - A bright, blue-toned purple, the darker of the two purples in this collection.
"Glow With the Flow" - A neon Barbie pink.

So yeah! That's that. I really hope you enjoy this look and as always thanks for reading! 


  1. They look amazing! Amazing, especially for your second attempt. I did water marble once and it turned out really well so I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

    Man, Mucking Fusser makes water marbles look as easy as hitting the snooze button. Sheer brilliance.


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