Glittery French

The other night, I quickly decided that the striping and dotting I had done over my Zoya was just weird. Yes, it was fun, but I had ruined my other hand by using some *weird* (neon orange and pink) colors over the blue. Trust me, it didn't look good. :P

Anyway, I quickly removed it and decided to try another one of my new Ulta polishes! For some reason I was just really craving a dark, but neutral color, so I picked Smoke Screen. This color is medium, grey cream with just a touch of blue.

I really like the formula on these polishes! This was two coats and it gave me smooth, even coverage with a glossy finish. This is without SV on top!

The next day I decided I wanted to try my first attempt at a glitter gradient/glitter french tips. got Essie-Set in Stone a while back and figured the large silver glitter would pair nicely with the dark grey of Smoke Screen.

So there it is! I promise there's actually no green in Set in Stones or my nails, I just got some of the color reflection from my phone case. :/ Let's try another picture:

Still a little line of green on the Essie bottle haha. Oh well, you get the point. This mani was surprisingly fun and actually quite easy! Because Set in Stones is SO densely packed with glitter, I only really needed one coat vs. the multiple, graduating layers you'd use for some gradient manis. Also, for as large as the glitter pieces in SiS are, they smoothed out quite nicely and didn't leave a rough finish, which is something I can't stand with a glitter. One coat of Seche Vite on top and I've got a glassy, smooth finish.

So yeah! Try this one out! Definitely easy, fun and looks great if you ask me!