Lots of New Colors!

Hi lovlies! This one is going to be super picture heavy. I hope that's ok. :P I started out this week getting Revlon-Scandalous in the mail. This one is a dark purple jelly with small and large purple glitter.

I used Orly-Naughty as a base underneath this to make it darker and more opaque.

THEN I ended up buying Essie-Shine of the Times. I knew that it was very similar to Nubar-2010, but every time I saw SotT, I couldn't help but feel like it was so much more shimmery and dense. Personally, I think I prefer SotT over 2010. Anyway, I couldn't wait to use it so I just piled a layer on top of the Orly/Revlon combo and it turned out awesome! The dark purple gave the SotT a rich color, which I jokingly named "midnight opal" later. ;)

Annnd then I got home on Friday to find my Julep Maven box! I was able to get in on the $.01 box deal and signed up with the "American Beauty" style. The box came with two bottles of polish and an "age defying hand brightener" called Glow On. The polishes were Maria (a metallic, dusty rose) and Anne (a matte, medium purple). I don't have anything similar to either of them, but I was particularly drawn to Maria. I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE these bottles.

Haha yay for tons of bottle shots! Anyway, I really did like the Julep. I've heard some complain that it was too thick, but I thought it was great. It was fully covered in one coat! I think I might do one more month of the Julep Maven, but I plan to switch to the "It Girl" style, which usually comes with 3-4 polishes instead. The bottles are quite small so I can't see myself EVER paying $14 bucks a piece, but I'm absolutely thrilled with this penny deal.

That's all for tonight! <3