Holy Holo Part 2

Annnd here's part two of my holo adventures! I placed an order through Llarowe last week and was super excited when my new darlings arrived this week.

I grabbed Hits-Poseidon from the No Olimpo collection and Ozotic 504. As soon as they're back in stock, I really want to get Hefesto (silver) and Dinisio (purple). (OMG I just looked and they're back in stock!!! x_x)

Back on topic! I was super excited to use Poseidon first. It's my first official linear holographic polish. In the desire to make this polish last as long as possible, I picked a light blue for the base, which ended up being Essie-Borrowed and Blue. Before I go on to rave about Poseidon, let me do a small pitch on this Essie color. It's a super light, blue creme. It applies like a dream and you can get fantastic full coverage in one coat! (I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of it by itself!)

On top of that I added a coat of Seche Vite and then two coats of Poseidon:

First one was in sunlight and this next one is indoor lighting:

And with flash:

And here's a shot of the bottles:

As much as I love Poseidon, I *do* have a con... it takes FOREVER to dry. I've read that top coats can ruin the linear look of holos, so I didn't want to tempt adding SV over this one. I applied the two coats, watched several episodes of The Finder, dozed off for a little bit, and when I woke up it still wasn't dry! I mean, that had to have been at least an hour and a half. :/

Overall, Poseidon is amazing. I'd definitely recommend it.

EDIT: I just wanted to add that I wore Poseidon for FIVE DAYS and didn't have a single chip! And that's without a top coat! I was just blown away at how well it held up and thought that was definitely worth adding!