Holy Holo Part 1

Hi all! I feel bad for taking forever between posts, but this past week has been busy! From Friday through Monday I was partaking in the amazing PDX LAN event. Four (almost) solid days of gaming and nerdiness. I think the games we played the most were Starcraft 2, Battlefield 3, Left 4 Dead 2 (we found an amazing map add on for survival that was a replica of Helm's Deep!) and a little bit of Post Apocalyptic Mayhem. We got to see some sweet presentations from companies like EVGA, Thermaltake, and most exciting (in my opinion) was a never-before-seen trailer for Borderlands 2!!!

Anyway, back to the lacquer. I was particularly excited about the LAN last Friday and decided to do a fun mani to go with it. It turned out to be a holo-splosion!

I started out with a coat of Color Club-Worth the Risque:

And then I added two coats of LA Splash-Baby Octopus (best name ever, right?):

Here's an unfocused one so you can see the holo-y goodness:

This combination was a lot of fun and SUPER blingy, but unfortunately it got a bit thick. The coats technically went:

*Essie-Protein Base Coat
*Color Club-Worth the Risque
*Seche Vite
*LA Splash-Baby Octopus x 2
*Seche Vite

Sooo yeah. Six coats of anything is gonna be thick. Anyway, it was awesome and I'd totally recommend both of these colors. Worth the Risque isn't super linear like some others, but it's beautiful in the sun.