Matte and Metal

Ok, two quick manis from this week before I hop off to bed. :P

First one is Essie-Sexy Divide, which is a rich, gorgeous purple shimmer with a coat of China Glaze-Snow Globe over the top. Then I added my new Essie-Matte About You on top! Mattified glitters were definitely something I was anxious to try. Unfortunately, I painted these late at night and didn't have time to take proper pictures. By the time I *did* take a picture, I had some wear going on, so excuse the horrible condition.

Next up we have LA Girl-Deep Sea Mica, which is a dark, shimmery teal/green. I then used some zig-zag craft scissors and cut strips of tape to do a zig-zag French tips. For that I used LA Girl-Heavy Metal, which is a dark dark grey almost black with silver, blue and pink shimmer in it.

Some bottle closeups. :P

I decided the colors were both super dark so you could hardly tell there was anything on the tips, so I used the opportunity to test out my new nail art pens.

So yeah, they're kinda fun. The white lines aren't the best, but I'm not complaining for a first attempt. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll show off all the nail pens.

Sweet dreams! :D