My First Franken!

Yesterday I got my order from, which included some empty bottles! I opted for the 0.5 oz, plain, round bottles, but they have tons to choose from. For "frankening" (mixing your own custom colors) I found that I would probably recommend something a little smaller, though. I had to add quite a bit of product just to get it up to the brush height so it could be usable.

Anyway, here is the result of my first attempt!

And here's a shot of the swatch:

I started off this mixture with some cheap NYC clear coat. Into that, I added three different shades of some loose craft glitter as well as a scoop of some iridescent clear glitter and a scoop of red glitter. The polishes I added were Sinful Colors-Shining Heart, a dark pink Color Club creme (sorry, it doesn't have a name label), a little bit of a Sally Hansen pink (another with no label), and lastly some LA Girl Glitter Addict-Uninhibited.

Anyway, I think it was a pretty fun first attempt! I would have swatched it on my own nails, but I'm wearing my new Ozotic 504 right now and don't want to take it off. :P


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