RAWR I'm a Tiger!

Quick posty post before bed time! I apologize in advance, these pictures were taken in low light. I need to start taking my pictures during the day!

I had picked up a new OPI on clearance from Ulta today and it was just too interesting not to test out! The color is called Chop-Sticking to My Story and (after doing some research) it looks like it's from OPI's Hong Kong Collection from spring of 2010. Anyway, it's a dusky, dark, orange creme that just looks super sophisticated, in my opinion! I almost never wear oranges (I think I only own four oranges) but this one is a favorite!

Anyway, on top of that I decided to try my first attempt at a full nail stamping pattern. I picked plate SE22 from the "from TV" stamping kit I got at Walgreens a while back and used the animal stripe one. My thought was to take some black polish (Sally Hansen-Black Out) and make "Tiger" nails!

What do you think? I can't wait to try some more full nail stamps! :)