Valentine's Day Nails #1

So I decided I'm going to try and do several different Valentine's day manicures over the next week or so up until the 14th.

I'm going to try and add some more pictures (of bottles and whatnot) later, but I haven't got them with me right now. Anyway, let's get started!

Here's an unnamed Sally Hansen pink with Zoya-Happi layered over the top to make it more opaque. Then I added some heart stamps!

I just happened to pick up this stamping kit yesterday and add it to my already pink nails. The kit came with 5 plates, a scraper, stamper, and plate holder all for $10 bucks! I did get a Christmas stamping plate years and years ago (when Konad was first coming around) but haven't done stamping since. I'm not thrilled with these results, but not bad for starting back up again!