Valentine's Day Nails #7

Well, I think this is my last post in my week-long Valentine's day nails extravaganza. I saved a special treat for my last one, and the one I'm going to keep on my nails for Valentine's day itself.

Ta-da! What do you think? I used the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. It's pretty cool actually, they come in a little strip/sticker and it's actually polish. Peel them off, stick them down, smooth out any bubbles and then use a nail file to even up the ends. Pretty neat, right? They had several different designs specially for V-day and I thought these were particularly cute. The name for this particular pattern is "Speed Dating."

Overall I like them, but I'm not sure I'd buy/use them again unless it was an amazingly cute design, like these. The application was fairly easy... I applied all ten while watching an episode of Once Upon a Time. :) The only thing that has been bugging me (in the 8 hours I've had them on) is the edges near my cuticles. Even after thoroughly smoothing them down, they seem to be catching on things like my hair or blankets.

My only other gripe, and it's particular to this pattern, is some of the hearts were HUGE. See the one on the base of my thumb? It takes up nearly half of my nail!

Anyway, these were pretty fun and I'd suggest trying them out if you find a pattern you really like.