Zoya and Hot Ticket

Yay for free Zoya! I've been wanting to use Ivanka since I first ordered it in the Zoya freebie promo. Isn't it amazing? Deep, beautiful, glassy green.

I decided to layer it over another green because it's pretty opaque on it's own. The green I decided on was Hot Ticket-Jade in the USA.

Here's a close up of the Ivanka bottle. I'm just in love with the shimmer in this one.

And here's a shot of just the Jade in the USA. It's a nice creme, VERY opaque, but it's a little gloopy and seems to almost dry too fast. This is just one (messy) coat because I knew I'd be covering it with the Ivanka.

That's all for now! Toodles! <3


  1. How did you get a free zoya polish?

    1. It was from a promo they were running back in January. Two free polishes and just pay shipping. I know they've done it before, so there's a good chance they might do it again! :)


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