Battle Station

Muahaha I'm going to sneak in another post tonight! Right now, there's a thread going on in the /r/RedditLaqueristas sub-reddit that's all about sharing nail-painting-battle-stations and I decided to join the fun!

So, here's my Helmer filing cabinet from IKEA. This holds most of my polish, all sorted by colors. (You can also see my little box of nail pens down there in the bottom right corner!)

And here's the Helmer with the drawers pulled out to give you a little peak.

Here's the foam core rack I made when my collection was all tiny and cute. Now, I primarily use it for storing new polishes. I've been trying to use them and then sort them away, but they're just so pretty to look at. Some day, I'll just buy several acrylic racks and be able to have my entire collection on the wall. :)

Here's the top of the Helmer, which holds things like remover, swatch wheels, brushes, dotting tools, empty franken bottles, my base and top coats, stampers, and stamping polish.

And here's a little pitch for a few of my nail polish pendants. It's something I've really been getting into lately and I'm seriously considering opening an Etsy store to sell them!

And here's another picture with the polish names on there for anyone who's curious.

If you're interested, in one of these or even a custom one, let me know! :D


  1. Hi! I'm interested in the round pendant.
    Do you still have it for sale? How much is it?

    1. Hi there!

      Awesome! Indeed I do! It's actually the only thing I have on my etsy shop right now. :D I have it listed for $10 dollars. Here's the link:

      Thank you for your interest! I've got tons of other ones made, but haven't gotten around to listing them yet. I also have hundreds of different colors, so let me know if there's anything custom/special you're looking for. :)


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