Dress Me Up

Well, this is the week! The Hunger Games movie is coming out! Ahhh so much excitement! A little over 48 hours and I shall be waiting for the midnight showing! I haven't been this excited about a movie since I saw the last Harry Potter!

In honor of the movie, I decided I'm going to do a couple manis with my China Glaze Hunger Games polish. My pick was Dress Me Up, which is a super dusty, dark, pink creme.

I realized it matches my Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Naked almost perfectly! Anyway, when the collection first came out I honestly wasn't super excited about this color, but the more and more I looked at swatches of it I kinda fell in love. I'm super glad I decided to get it! For my skin tone, I feel like it's almost a perfect, dark "nude" polish! I've never really enjoyed the light tan/taupe nudes, maybe they're just too cool of a tone for my skin. I topped it off with a cute little bow, which was actually from one of the Sephora Hello Kitty decal sets.

So to sum things up, I'm a big fan of this color. My nails feel girly and elegant, while still maintaining a subtle, understated feeling.


  1. This is so cute! I KNEW I recognized that bow!! :D My dear friend got me those stickers for Christmas! ^-^
    Wow, does it ever match that lip gloss! :O
    Aw, I miss the hype over The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter... good times... *sniff sniff*

    1. Thanks! I love the stickers! I ordered a Hello Kitty stamping plate and have been waiting to use the other stickers when it gets here!

      I'm so sad Harry Potter is all over. :( At least now we have The Hobbit to fill the Lord of the Rings void, though!


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