Everything's shiny, Cap'n.

Today I've got a NerdLacquer to show you! If you don't know about NerdLacquer, you should check it out! Amanda has some of the most amazing, custom blended polishes that are all named to represent people or things in sci-fi. SO cool.

I ordered four from her the last time her shop was open and finally got around to trying the one I was most looking forward to: Shiny. For those who have never seen Firefly, that's where the name for this polish came from. "Shiny" means things are good/awesome/fine.

I started out with a coat of Orly-Snowcone. I believe Shiny, on it's own, gets fairly opaque with a few coats, but I'm already in the mindset of "MUST CONSERVE" with this polish haha. Snowcone was actually one of my untried polishes and I'm glad I used it! It's a medium, dusty blue creme. Only needed one coat for this opacity, but I suppose I could have gone for two if I was wearing it alone. One thing to note is it does dry much darker than it looks in the bottle.

Soooo here's a bottle shot of Shiny for you. It's a light blue base with an explosion of glitter! We're talking square silver, square opalescent, tiny silver, tiny white, silver hex, and blue/green opalescent micro glitter.

Ahhh. So "Shiny" and beautiful. :)


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    1. Thank you! :D I can't wait to try the other ones I got!

  2. New follower here :)
    I love it!


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