Green Ocean

Hi-o. Here's another super quick post because this color is just too pretty and I had to share. I was wandering through Freddy's today and saw a St. Patrick's day display for a few Sinful Colors polishes. One in particular caught my eye:

Oooo. Sooo shiny. I couldn't stop staring at the bottle!

It's called Green Ocean. It's a super light green jelly base with iridescent round glitter and iridescent chunks of flakies! Ahhh! Can you believe it? I was so stunned by the sparkly mess I almost grabbed a second one!

I got it right before I was heading to work, so I swatched it over my ring finger. Luckily, I was already wearing a color that goes pretty awesome with this! The base color on my fingers is Essie-Go Overboard.

It's not great, but here's the best close up as I can get with my cell phone. :P

Sometimes it's blue (ok, well probably because of the blue color underneath it) and then when the light hits it, it turns sea green. Ahh! My advice: go find this color right now! It's so so so spectacular! I want to layer it over everything!