I'm a REAL holo!

Have I mentioned how much I love all things sparkly and rainbow colored? Well, I do. Rainbows are the best!

I got my first TRUE, silver, linear holographic polish! You might be asking "What do you mean when you say 'linear,' Tia?" Well, there are two different types of holographic polishes. One type is called "linear" and that means a rainbow, curved band of colors forms when the polish is held under a light or in bright sunlight. The second type is called a "scattered" holo, which is composed more of a whole bunch of holographic particles spread over the entire nail surface. Actually, a decent example is my previous post with A England-St. George. It's a teal with holographic particles mixed in.

On to the gorgeousness! This is Layla Hologram Effect-Mercury Twilight. Are you ready for this?

Ahhhh. I just let out a happy sigh whenever I look at this polish. SO packed full of rainbow-y goodness. It is slightly difficult to apply... if you're not careful, going over a slightly wet layer with a second coat can cause dragging and bare patches. You really have to wait for it to dry and then work quickly when adding coats. Even with this application annoyance, I love this stuff. Here, look at another picture.

And because I couldn't just leave them alone, the next day I added rainbow dots!


  1. WOW. Simply stunning. It is so shiny - kind of reminds me of Minx nails. It looks like you've applied it perfectly. May I ask where you bought this?

    1. Thanks! Haha it's so distracting I kept looking at them. :)

      I bought this on a website called AveYou. Here's the link: http://www.aveyou.com/laylahalogramnailpolish.aspx.

  2. OH. MY. GOD. I LOVE IT!!!! >_<


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