My New Loves AKA Butter London

Nothing complicated this time, just an AWESOME layering of two amazing polishes. I had been lusting after the Butter London holiday duo of The Black Knight and Tart With a Heart for some time, but then I saw a swatch by Scrangie where she had layered the two and I knew I HAD to have them.

As you can kind of tell from the bottle, The Black Knight is a black polish with several different colors of glitter. The most prominent, in my opinion, are blue, pink, purple and gold. Tart With a Heart, is a clear base with loads of gold glitter and some slightly larger iridescent glitter mixed in.

I did some light editing on this post, just because the lighting in my office is so horrible. I wanted you to be able to see just how beautiful this color combo looks. I'd say the little bit of boost I gave it makes it look much more similar to the real thing.

On a side note, I think I'm going to start "watermarking" my photos. What do you think? Too big? Too small? I'm kinda bummed, I had taken shots of this with my nice camera, but then my card reader died. :(