Nails on Fire!

IT'S HUNGER GAMES NIGHT! Yayyayyayyay! Can you tell I'm excited? I knew I had to do something epic for my nails today to pay proper "tribute" (haha see what I did there?) to Katniss.

I started out with a coat of China Glaze-Smoke and Ashes, fittingly the polish for district 12. It's a dark navy, almost black, with hints of blue and green shimmer. Honestly, it's very pretty in the bottle but a little disappointing on the nail. It also seemed to eat up top coat! I can't help but wish they had done red/orange shimmer instead, to look more like hot coals or fire.

On top of that, I added layers of Kleancolor-Red Hot & Chunky Copper. The copper went on the tips, the red went on the base, and then I tried to fade them into each other.

Bam! My nails look like they're on fire. As I turn my hand, it almost looks like burning coals and wisps of flames. I love these chunky Kleancolor glitters!

Bonus nail mail! My Zoya buy 3 get 3 free promo came today. Aren't they purdy? From left to right: Faye, Yara, Zara, Lotus, Apple, and Tia. Hehe I was SO excited to find a polish with my name!


  1. This is gorgeous!! Also, awesome nail mail!! :D


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