St. Patrick's Day

Hope everyone had great St. Patrick's day celebrations over the weekend. I know I did! Anyway, on to the nails!

You know, having bottles and bottles of nail polish might seem like a good idea, but it's situations like this where I just hate having so many choices! I spent a good 45 minutes just sifting through my various shades of greens and trying to pick a good color combination. (I actually did two other green manis this week, but I've just been sucking at taking pictures! I need to get better about that. :P) Anyway, here's what I came up with:

The light green is NYX-Luscious Green, the dark one is Zoya-Ivanka, and then the gold is just some striping tape. I really liked this look, but I have to say I just can't get striping tape to cooperate when it's staying on my fingers. I sealed it with a separate coat of SV, but I still found the ends of the tape catching on things and peeling up. Anyone have any tips for me?

After the holiday had passed, I was already sick of the green so I decided to swap colors. This is a color that really stood out to me in the bottle and I was really excited to try it on my fingers. It's a Sally Hansen Diamond Strength called Save the Date.

See? It's a deep red/pink/purple color with a bit of a duochrome flash. It's just so rich and glowey!

This color has definitely moved onto my list of favorites. It was super easy to work with and was nearly opaque in one coat, although I used two here. I only ever had one of the old line of Diamond Strength colors, but so far every single one that I've tried from the "new" line has been fantastic.