Come Fly With Me

I think I might just start out each post with one of my Instagram pictures. They always end up looking so nice and finished! (Well, and in this case I wasn't happy with any of the other photos I took...)

I know I've seen a similar manicure to this before, but I can't remember where! If anyone knows, let me know! I'd love to thank the person who's picture inspired me.

Started out with two coats of Butter London-Victoriana and then drew on the clouds and birds with some Sally Hansen black and white polishes. It reminds me of the beach. :)

POINTER OF THE DAY: When doing any sort of nail art, I find it's easiest to draw an outline of the design you want and then fill it in. Start small! You can always make it bigger, but it's much harder to take polish away! I started by drawing the outlines of the clouds and then filled them in, much like doing a French manicure.