Green and Polka Dots

I always love a polish that can give me a fantastic end result with very little effort. Cover Band-Sticks n Stones is definitely one of those polishes, in my opinion. Anyway, I can't wait to show this one off, so I'm going to post the finished photo (this one is from my Instagram) first and then give the deets. :P

Isn't it adorable? The colors used were Revlon-Bonsai (two coats) and then one coat of Sticks n Stones. As difficult as SnS is to get a hold of, it's SO worth it.

So here's Bonsai (left) and Sticks n Stones (right). Besides SnS, Bonsai is also a gorgeous color! Silly me, I forgot to take a picture of it by itself. It's super opaque, covers in two coats, has a little bit of a yellow/orange duo-chrome shimmer, and has one of THE BEST brushes I've ever used. Seriously, I want to buy more of these Revlon colors just for the brushes.

I can't wait to try this out over some different colors now!

And for a different look, here it is with a matte top coat!