Magnetic Success!

I have a couple of magnetic polishes, but so far I haven't been super impressed with them. Finally I've found one I really like! I picked up a Finger Paints magnetic called Hipnotic, which is a red-purple color.

I really liked everything about this one! The color is nice and opaque, it covers fine in one coat (although two makes it richer), and the magnet effect really works! The other ones I have simply have straight/diagonal patterns in the magnet, except for the China Glaze one, which has a starburst as well. The wave pattern just adds so much more to this whole effect. I'm not sure if it was the magnet itself or just the polish, but this one definitely has me rethinking my opinion on the magnetic polish craze.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the magnet being part of the cap. It pops off so it's easy to use, but because it's part of the bottle I feel like there's almost no chance of losing it.

POINTER OF THE DAY: Make sure you use a full coat of polish, but don't lay it on too thick or the design will turn out blurry! To go along with that, if your coat is too thick and you hold the magnet too close, the magnetic particles will actually start to pull up too far and create bumps!

Here's one last close-up for you. I wish I could more accurately capture the almost three-dimensional look this effect creates! Long story short, check this stuff out!


  1. WOW! I love this color! Heck, the entire formula looks amazing. It's so shiny.

    1. Yeah, the formula was great! I'm so tempted to buy the other colors. They even look beautiful without using the magnet. :)


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