Taping with Zoya

I generally tend to lean towards bright colors, so I was really surprised when I ended up LOVING these two dusty, muted Zoya colors. I started with two coats of Bevin and then added a coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying. As you can see, Bevin is a dark, olive creme.

Once everything was nice and dry, I added a strip of tape about two-thirds of the way up to create a cross between a French mani and a half and half. The color I used on top was Zoya-Caitlin, which is a dark purple creme with a hint of gray.

POINTER OF THE DAY: Make sure you give the first coat plenty of time to dry before taping! In addition, you can stick your piece of tape on the palm of your hand once or twice, which will help to get rid of some of the stickiness.