Diablo III Nails

If you hadn't heard, yesterday was the launch of the highly anticipated game Diablo III, by Blizard! I only played Diablo II a little bit, but I was thoroughly excited for this next one. Despite the server problems, it's proving to be an amazing game! So amazing, that I decided my nails needed to match.

I started out with two coats of Zoya-Nidhi, which is a bright red with a ton of gold and silver glass flecks! In some light, you can even see some light blue glass fleck in there. It's beautiful! It makes it subtle but also more interesting than your average red.

On top of that, I added one quick coat of the OPI-Black Shatter. As you might have guessed, Diablo is all about fending off the monsters of dark magic and the fiery underworld. My idea was adding the black shatter would make my nails look like lava under cracked rock.

POINTER OF THE DAY: When working with crackle polishes, make sure you move quickly! Load up your brush with a thick coat and do 2-3 full swipes along each side and then up the center of the nail. Don't go back over any sections, even if they're patchy, otherwise the crackle won't work correctly!

And that's all for today. Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm usually not a huge fan of crackle, but the black over red is awesome!!


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