Girly Vintage Squares

Do you ever just become obsessed with a color or a few colors? I'm doing that right now with coral and teal. Together, separate, it doesn't matter. I'm in love with both of them. I think it might be partially from my recently discovered love of all things grapefruit (that's kinda coral/orange/pink :P) and my longing for the ocean. Get it? Coral and teal? Anyway...

Above is two coats of Butter London-Trout Pout. My first Butter London creme! I have to say, I've heard wondrous things about their creme polishes, but I wasn't overly impressed. Yes, it's very very nice, but not the OMG it's so smooth and self leveling type of amazing I was expecting.

On top of that I taped some off-centered little squares and painted those with Zoya-Wednesday. See? I told you I loved these two together. The combo reminds me of something that's both girly and vintage.

POINTER OF THE DAY: Don't let the new color you're adding while taping dry! Place your tape, use a fairly thick and even sweep of color, and then take the tape off quickly! You'll have nice, crisp lines and won't run the risk of the polish drying to the tape and then peeling up your design!

That's all I've got for tonight, my dear readers! <3