Cake Day!

Yesterday was my birthday! Yippee! In honor of that, I obviously needed something festive. I toyed with the idea of painting cupcakes, but didn't have much time between birthday funtivities. Instead I decided to go a simpler route.

I started with one coat of Sally Hansen-White on (the frosting) and on top of that added one coat of Utopia-Coat of Many Colors (the sprinkles). This one is a chunky glitter packed with multiple sizes of hex glitter in rainbow colors.

(Please forgive the cuticles! I spent the past six days in California without my supplies! Also had to trim a few nails. :( I hate chipping or breaking a long beautiful nail!)

I love the color combo and sizes of this one, but was a tiny bit disappointed that some of the massive ones were curling. I know this can be an issue with these types of glitters. Even though it was a tad annoying, it definitely wasn't a deal breaker.)

Here's another shot of the nails, along with my birthday mud pie, rainbow cake slice birthday earrings, and my delicious watermelon Long Island from when Tim took me out to dinner and a movie! :P It was a good birthday indeed!

As far as blogging goes, I'm finishing up finals this week, and then have another two weeks until the wedding. After that, I'll be back to posting several times per week!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! I hope your day was awesome and that this year will be amazing for you!! Fantastic nails! :D


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