Chubby Checker by Lush Lacquer!

Like so many others, I'm a BIG fan of new and unique independent or "indie" polish brands. I've seen so many creative combinations of pigments and glitter, that us lacquer lovers haven't necessarily seen from big brands in the past. One of the indie brands I recently stumbled on is Lush Lacquer, and let me tell you... these are some outstanding polishes. If you like glitter bombs in creative color combos with super even coverage, check these out!

The first one I purchased is called "Chubby Checker", which is a shimmery pink base filled with black and white glitter in three different sizes (small, medium, large) and two shapes (square and hex).

Coverage with this polish was excellent! The pink base is definitely on the sheer side, but with the combination of two coats (which is how many I used) and all the glitter pack in this, there is hardly any visible nail line. And the best part? NO digging for the larger glitter! It applied so easily! Look at all the glittery goodness! It makes me think of poodle skirts and checkered tile floor diners!

POINTER OF THE DAY: When working with a chunky glitter like this (especially when they don't apply evenly) there are a few things you can do to help the glitter along. If you find that you're not pulling up any larger pieces of glitter, make sure you've given the bottle a good shake. Sometimes glitter can stick to the "walls" of the bottle. Another trick that can sometimes help is to take the brush out (making sure to wipe off the polish) and let the brush dry for 20-30 seconds. This will give it a slightly tacky surface, which can sometimes help to pull up extra glitter.

So if you're looking for some new glitters or just wanting to explore the world of indie polish, definitely add Lush Lacquer to your list. Believe me, if I could buy every color I would. ;) Bottles are offered in full size (0.5 oz/15ml) for $8.75 or minis (5ml) for $4.75 through their etsy store.

(Disclaimer: I purchased this color myself and was not paid or contacted to write this review. I simply think they have some fantastic polish and want to help spread the word.)