Jade Silver Holographic-Psicoldelica

I've done several posts about various holographic polishes in the past, from linear to scattered. I had come to the conclusion that my favorites (of the one I've tried so far) were Hits-Hefesto (as a more transparent top coat) and Layla-Mercury Twilight (as a full, silver holo polish). While I still love both of these beauties, I just have to rave about a new polish that has recently come into my holo radar. The polish I'm talking about is Jade-Psicoldelica.

This is one of those silver holographic polishes that gives a great linear look, but is also slightly transparent, making it great for layering. After two coats, I had good opacity and very little visible nail line.

There are several reasons why I've decided this is now my absolute favorite holographic polish:

-Wear time was incredible! I used two coats, with no top coat (for fear of losing the effect) and I saw NO chipping and almost unnoticeable tip wear after four days. AWESOME, especially for a holo, which can be notorious for chipping easily.

-Application was fantastic! There are some holographics (Layla, I'm glaring at you especially...) that are just a huge hassle to apply. Streaking, dragging, and the requirement of a special base coat. You won't need any of that with this polish.

-On day five of this polish, I didn't quite want to take it off yet, but I was wanting to spice it up. I added some cheetah print stamping and a coat of Seche Vite. Best part? The SV didn't dull the holo! I mean, obviously there's some change in my picture (because it's covered with stamping :P) but sill.

(This isn't the right bottle, I had just taken a picture of this pretty bottle a few days later and was still wearing Psicoldelica. Isn't it cute?)

Anyway, if you're looking for another fantastic holographic polish, do yourself a favor and pick this one up. I'm already saving up for several more colors!


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