Deep Sea Nails

I'm often asked what other hobbies I enjoy besides collecting and blogging about nail polish. One of the the things I've been spending quite a bit of time on lately is making graphics for Android apps that my friend Kyle makes. There's just something I enjoy about combining art and technology. This week we released a second game and I thought it might be fun to paint my nails to match! ;)

I started with two different colors of blue on alternating fingers. I just wanted some variety to represent the different colors of blue you see in the ocean. The colors I used were China Glaze-Exotic Encounters (from the new Safari collection) and American Apparel-Peacock.

Next, I added a thin coat of Jade-Psicoldelica (because the ocean is actually holographic, duh) and then used stamping plate BM 209 to add the net pattern. The nets correspond to the game, in which you have to search port holes for creatures and try to trap them, with a very similar game play style as Memory or Bingo.

Then I drew on a tiny little crab, which is one of the creatures in the game. All the creatures have big, hilarious, googly eyes. Aren't they cute? :D

And just for funzies, here's a shot of the two bottles next to each other. On the nail (with a holo top coat) the difference in the blues is much more subtle than it is in the bottles.

Hope you enjoyed this fun combo! If you're interested, check out our website and our Google Play market page. Thanks for reading!