Fergalicious Nails

Have you seen the new collection of polishes for Fergie by Wet n Wild? They're rad! From the displays I've seen, there are at least 15 colors, including some solids and glitters. I picked up a couple and decided to use two of them for this mani!

I first used two coats of the lime green called Glowstick. This one is super fantastic because it's a neon lime green with a yellow shimmer! I couldn't believe how pretty it was on its own.

On top, I used my DRK-A stamping plate and one of the other colors I picked up called Miami Spirit. This one is similar, but it's a dark teal base with a blueish shimmer.

These polishes are totally great, in my opinion! $3.99 and I've seen them at places like Rite Aid and Walgreens.