Glowy and Gorgeous

Hi wonderful readers! So, I'm going to start with a simple post to help ease myself back into posting more regularly now that I'm done planning the wedding.

On a related note, I GOT MARRIED LAST FRIDAY! :D :D :D Oh man, it was the most magical, happy, amazing, wonderful, perfect day I could have imagined! Before I show you my nails, I have to show you a few wedding pictures. :P

So amazing. <3 And yes, we did walk through a lightsaber tunnel.

Anyway, I found a small stash of clearance polish at my local Sally Beauty. Yay! The one that instantly caught my eye was Orly-Mysterious Curse from the Dark Shadows collection. This one is a rich purple that shifts to a royal blue in certain light and has tiny particles of shimmer. This is totally one of those polishes that just looks like it's lit by a candle or something, making it glow from within.

Anyway, I was already wearing a dark plum on my nails (Revlon-Bold Sangria) and decided to layer this over that one. It only took one coat, and let me tell you... it was one simple, smooth, beautiful coat. It was probably the most evenly applying polish I've ever used.

Sooo pretty, right? I can't say enough good things about this polish. It's a definite buy in my opinion!