Magic on My Nails

Hold onto your hooves because I've got another polish from The Equestria collection to show you today! You've already seen all the pretty bottle spam, so I'll leave that out of this post. This time I've used "The Element of Magic," which is inspired by the pony Twilight Sparkle.

I started with one coat of Orly "After Party," which is a black filled with blue, purple, and pink micro shimmer. On top of that, I added one coat of "The Element of Magic."

This polish looks very different depending both on how you layer it and the lighting. Layering it over black definitely brings out some of the purple/blue duochrome color changing.

Here you can see that natural lighting really brights out the blue shift in this color. Isn't it amazing?

And here are some close ups of both bottles. 

Lastly, I decided to make a pendant with this polish because it was just too pretty. Here's a shot of it with my matching nails. :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, this is super-pretty! I have 4 Rainbow Honeys, but have only tried on 1 :-( They are so gorgeous, I need to bust them out! Thanks for sharing yours!

    1. It's true! I now have 3 of my 7 left to try. Lol too much polish and not enough time!

  2. This RH is a really gorgeous glitter!!


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