Nail Polish Jewelry!

Alright, one more quick post before I ditch the computer for the day and instead turn to delicious food and blowing up fireworks. :P

With this influx of free time, I've finally been able to get several of my jewelry pieces listed for sale! Here's my shop link! I've been working so hard to come up with some neat combinations of polishes and glitters on a variety of pieces, such as necklaces, earrings, and rings. I also thought this might be a neat way to spread the love of some of the harder to find Indie polishes that I own, such as Nerd Lacquer, Nostalgic Nail Lacquer, and Pretty & Polished.

I've still got tons more to list, but I decided I'd hold off on listing TONS until I actually see some interest for these beauties. Anyway, on to the good stuff... pictures!

So yeah! I'll be adding more as I make them and as I can get pictures edited. What do you think? Don't forget, I've got hundreds of bottles of polish, so if there's something special you've got in mind, don't hesitate to ask me!

Thanks for reading!