Nails Waving in the Breeze

Hi again! Could it be? Two posts in two days? *gasp* I told you I was going to start doing better!

Of course, I've got a super fun patriotic manicure today in honor of the 4th of July! I was SO indecisive when it came to an idea for this one because I had SO MANY ideas! Generally, I don't love red/white/blue except for Independence Day, so I don't wear this color combo any other time of the year. I finally decided to do some taping and dotting to mimic an American flag on my fingers.

For my thumb and pointer fingers, I used two coats of Ulta-Blue Streak and then added some white dots. For the other three fingers, I started with one coat of Sally Hansen-White on, added some strips of tape, and then went over the entire nail with one coat of Zoya-Sooki.

POINTER OF THE DAY: When working with tiny pieces of striping tape, I find it's easiest to have a pair of tweezers close by to help lift up the tape after you've added your coat of polish. There's nothing worse than smudging or denting a time consuming design when you're almost done!

Hope you enjoyed this simple design. Have a fun and safe 4th of July!