Black and White Sandwich

Ahh, once again I've stayed up wayyy too late playing Diablo 3 with the husband. I'm so sleepy, but it was so much fun! Anyway, I had intended to put this up several hours ago. Whoops. Better late than never, right?

Quick note: I started this manicure with a coat of... Elmer's glue! If you haven't heard about the latest nail craze, let me fill you in! Basically, plain white glue make a great base when you want to use glitter but don't want to have to scrub it off later with acetone. With the glue underneath, you can peal almost all of the glitter and polish off in a few minutes. I actually tried it on one hand before doing a full, finished manicure and it worked great! I'll be sure to post a follow up when I take this mani off.

So here I started with one thick-ish coat of Essie "Marshmallow," which is a white jelly polish. On top of that went a layer of Cover Band "Sticks 'n Stones." Then another coat of Marshmallow. Then another coat of Sticks 'n Stones. Starting to see a pattern? ;) I finished it off with a nice, thick coat of Poshe.

I *know* I've seen something similar to this done before, I just can't remember where I saw it! If you know, tell me and I'll link to it here!

EDIT: Ahh! I remembered! I saw these on Chalkboard Nails!!! I <3 her!

If it wasn't obvious, Sticks 'n Stones is on the left and Marshmallow is on the right. :P

I love the jelly sandwich look of this combination. It makes the glitter looks softer and (if it's even possible) more interesting. I feel like it's both crazy and delicate. Girly and wild. Haha it almost reminds me of those look-a-like marble Corian counter-tops or something!

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Beautiful sandwich! I've yet to try this glue technique, but have been really interested in it!


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