China Glaze "Unpredictable"

Hi all! So sorry for my lack of posts again this week. I've found myself totally bogged down with midterms, miscellaneous homework, and work for Downplay Games. I've got a couple of sets of photos taken, but just haven't had time until now to edit them and add some wordy words. :P

For this post I'm happy to show off one of the polishes from China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome collection, "Unpredictable." This polish is part gold, part green, part blue and ALL AWESOME! On top of the beautiful color shifting nature of this polish, the formula is spot on! I've now been wearing this one for five days, have no chipping, and am just starting to see some tip wear. It's so good! Anyway, on to the pictures!

For these photos, I used three thin coats and then a coat of Poshe on top.

In the sunlight, you can really see a wide spectrum of the colors. There's light green, teal, and dark green all in one shot!

And at an angle, you can really see more of the blue color that comes out.

EDIT: I should add that photos 3 and 4 were taken after five days of wear! I wasn't lying when I said this polish is great!

Lastly, I'll leave you a gorgeous shot of the duochrome-y goodness in the bottle.


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    1. I agree! Duochromes are definitely stunners. They're so mesmerizing to look at in person lol!


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