Pointy Funky French

A while ago, I managed to get a TON of shaped French manicure tip guide stickers from ebay for only $1 dollar! Of course, the downside to cheap stuff on ebay is that it usually takes forever to be delivered. Anyway, I decided to bust those out for my nails today.

For the base, I used Essie "No Film" and "Go Overboard" for an accent nail. Both of these polishes are very similar, in that they are super pigmented cremes, which are almost one-coaters!

Here are the tip guide stickers. To give you an idea of how sweet of a deal this was, I got TEN of those sheets for $1 dollar. Awesome, right? I opted to use the pointy ones on the far left this time.

 For the tips, I just used the same polishes in alternating colors.

Overall, I like this look, but I think next time I'll use polishes that have more contrast. Looking at them from arms length, I can hardly even tell there's two different colors on my nails. Oh well! All part of the learning process! :)


  1. I like that the colors are so similar, because from a distance it looks like a gradual fade. Then you look close up, and you realize it's even cooler than that! :)


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