It's like I dipped my fingers in gold!

OPI - Goldeneye. There's not a lot to say about this polish, other than that it's amazing. No, amazing isn't a good enough description... it is INCREDIBLE. I honestly feel like my nails have been coated in a layer of gold. It's so luxurious!

Goldeneye is a dense foil made up of several different shades of gold flakes. The variety in the different shades of gold adds so much interest and dimension to this! There isn't a speck of traditional glitter in this and yet somehow it sparkles like crazy. Magic, I say!

I used three thin coats and finished it with Sally Hansen Diamond Flash, even though the polish itself dried fairly quickly.

Word of advice: try not to look at your fingers while driving or operating heavy machinery! It's SO sparkly and distracting! ;D


  1. Wow! This colour is amazing, so striking, I love it! xx

  2. This is pretty awesome.. Should be comparable to Zoya Ziv :D

    1. I've actually seen a comparison (I think thepolishaholic did) with Ziv and while they're similar, they're definitely not dupes. Ziv is much more of a foil gold while this one is like a super dense gold flake. :)


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