Some Saturday Swatch Spam

Did I mention I love alliterations? ;) Today, I've basically got several photos that I wanted to condense into one post for you all. Hope you don't mind!

KBShimmer "Quantum Leaf" - A mustard base filled with various sizes of hex glitter in red, orange, and gold. I went crazy over the swatches of this when she first showed pictures, but for some reason it shows up wayyy more yellow on me. I like it, but yellow just isn't really my favorite color. Other than that, it's the perfect Fall polish. I might try to wear this again, maybe layered?

Zoya "FeiFei" - A steel blue-grey with tons of various colors of glass flecks and shimmer. This one is AWESOME in the bottle. On my nails, I wasn't as impressed as others seemed to be. I didn't realize how sheer it was! I think this was at least three coats. Like the previous polish, I think I'll try layering it the next time I wear it.

Butter London "All Hail the Queen" - Ok, this one is fantastic. A nude, scattered holographic. Great coverage and I believe I got full opacity at two medium coats. I love it because it's very simple, but then has that pop of something special with the holo particles. Mmm.

Hope you liked the pictures today! I'll be back with another post tomorrow that was a LOT of fun. I've got a bunch of photos done, just need to find some time to make the posts for all of them! :D


  1. All Hail the Queen soooooo gorgeous! also Quantum Leaf is beautiful also.


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