Orly "Miss Conduct"

Pink. Jelly. Holographic. Need I say more?

This dreamy stunner is Orly "Miss Conduct." Two easy coats were enough for full coverage and surprisingly, it was smooth and glossy without a top coat (although I'm wearing one in these pictures). 

I couldn't *quite* capture the rich raspberry shade of this polish, but these pictures are pretty close. In addition, scattered holographics are always super hard to try and catch in a photo.

 This polish is STUNNING. It's almost like they found a way to mill the holographic particles differently so that they're somewhat chunkier and random, which makes the scattered effect just gorgeous. Combined with the jelly base, it makes the polish look like it has a ton of depth and sparkle.

I even made a little GIF for you so that you can hopefully see how beautiful the sparkle is!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Why are there no comments on this???? It is amazing!!!!

  2. Do you know if this shade is available at Sally's? I'd love to get it, but I hate paying shipping when ordering online.


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