12 Days of Bloggers Day Eight: Nails for the Sake of Sanity!

Ahh! I fell behind a day again! I spent probably three hours wrapping presents last night and another four hours finishing up presents and crafts. Madness, I tell you!

BUT, I've got another amazing blogger to show you today!

Name: Kelly Callahan
Blog Name/URL: Nails for the Sake of Sanity http://nailsforthesakeofsanity.blogspot.com
Other places to follow online:http://facebook.com/nailsforthesakeofsanityhttp://twitter.com/nails4sanityhttp://instagram.com/nailsforthesakeofsanityhttp://klout.com/nails4sanityhttp://etsy.com/shop/TrixAndTreatsLacquer

I'm totally in love with this ugly Christmas sweater manicure that Kelly did for a challenge recently. Look at all the tiny details and great lines! It's fantastic!

Tell me a little bit about yourself! I'm 24 (soon to be 25 on Dec 8th!) and I graduated from grad school last May with my Master's in Clinical Psychology. I got into nail art/nail blogging as a way to relieve some of the stress that came with grad school. I live with my boyfriend and two kitty babies (Trixie and Cleo) in SW Ohio. Currently, I'm working full time as a Crisis Support Specialist at a local domestic violence shelter. I love what I do and I love my residents; every so often I leave work with that feeling I've really made a difference to somebody - THAT is a good feeling. :) 

Where did you get the inspiration for your blog name?Towards the end of grad school, the stress was getting to me and I felt like I was losing it! I felt really stifled and needed a creative outlet and came across someone's photos on Facebook of some nail designs they did and it just kinda grew from there. I would paint my nails the night before a test that I was nervous about or give myself a ten minute nail break when working on a really tough paper, etc. It helped me keep my Sanity, and therefore "Nails for the Sake of Sanity" was born.

How did you first get into blogging?It's tough to remember exactly. I think I saw some of The Nailasaurus' posts and thought, I could do that. As I got more into nail art, I found myself wanting to record it somehow because I was really proud of the nails I was doing! So I think what happened is I looked at a few nail blogs and then (very tentatively lol) created my own.

How long have you been into nail polish and nail painting?I've always painted my nail off and on, but I got more seriously into it in April of last year (2012), when I started my blog.

How many polishes do you have in your stash?At the moment, I've got right around 650. O_o I'm out of control! Haha

What are your favorite base and top coats?I'm a big fan of Seche Vite and HK Girl for topcoats. I think I like both equally, and those two are really all I use. As for base coats, I switch between several. My favorite is Nailtique Formula 2 but it's really expensive so I only use it when I know I'm going to have a mani on for a while. I also like Sinful Colors base coat and Poshe base coat. :)

What are some of your other hobbies or interests?I love writing and reading, playing video games (Skyrim and the Sims are my favorites), and cooking - I LOVE trying new recipes! I also watch a TON of TV, way more than I should!

What is your #1 polish lemming right now?UGH, it's OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede. I bought it from a weird website and I think I got scammed. So it's even worse because I have wanted it for such a long time and THOUGHT I was getting it :(

If you only had one polish on a desert island, what would it be?Ahh, tough question! I recently acquired a new polish that, as soon as I tried it, it became my all time favorite polish that I've ever owned, so I guess that one! It's Pahlish's Your Lover is An Actress. Goodness, that polish is gorgeous!

Do you prefer freehand art, taping, or stamping?I started out with freehand art, so that's really my favorite thing to do. I'm not great with tape, and I'm still kinda getting the hang of stamping.

What upcoming collection are you most excited for?I'm still excited about the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection. I want a bunch of those, but my Sally's hasn't gotten them in yet!

What is the best Christmas present you've ever received? When I was in high school, my mom somehow got me bootleg DVDs of every single Are You Afraid of the Dark episode. I also got an iPod that year but those DVDs single-handedly took the spot of best gift. That was my favorite show as a kid, and I had thought I'd never see it again. :)

Gingerbread men or sugar cookies?Sugar cookies for SURE! 

Multicolored lights or all white?Multicolored, definitely. All white looks too grown-up for me ;)

What is your favorite holiday tradition?Every year on Xmas Eve, my dad and I go to midnight mass (I don't really like that part :p) and afterwards I'm allowed to open ONE present (always pajamas). I put PJs on and we have ham sandwiches, cut from the ham that's cooking for Xmas dinner. MMM I look forward to those sandwiches all year lol. I'm not sure why that is a tradition, but it has been that way as long as I can remember, and I love it!

Isn't she great? :D Honestly, I think hers was one of the first blogs I followed around the time that I got into blogging myself.


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