12 Days of Bloggers Day Twelve: Purple Polish Fairy!

We're on to the last blogger! Du du di duuuuu!

And that blogger is...

Here's a great swatch that Amy did of an F4 Polish called "Icy Plum." I'm in love with both her swatch and this polish! *drool*

Tell me a little bit about yourself! 
Well.... I am your average gal. I have a love for polish, dancing and anything creative. I am a single mumma to a beautiful little boy, who keeps me on my toes most days :) Happy to try most things and love reading all my fellow lovelies blogs and seeing all there art work :) 
Where did you get the inspiration for your blog name? 
I love purple, I am purple mad. It seemed a good fit :) 

How did you first get into blogging? 
I started guest blogging on www.prettyposhohmygosh.comand it went from there :) I have wayyyy to much to say it seems lol.

How long have you been into nail polish and nail painting? 
On and off a couple of years.

How many polishes do you have in your stash? 
Only about 50 :( I had a few more but after an accident where I lost a lot. It's fun building my collection back up again :)

What are your favorite base and top coats? 
Base I use opi natural nail and top has I be poshe :) 

What are some of your other hobbies or interests? 
I street dance, badly, but me and my crew enjoy busting a move every week in class. It's really good fun :)

What is your #1 polish lemming right now? 
Hmmmm. Tough question. After my little accident there are so many. I would have to say Jindie 'Candy Land'.

If you only had one polish on a desert island, what would it be?
Hahahaha. No no no no no!!!! HOOOOW can I answer this question.......... So many pretties to little time. I think I would rather have no polish than have to choose just one. That way I can dream about them all :)

Do you prefer freehand art, taping, or stamping? 
Freehand and taping.

What upcoming collection are you most excited for? 
Above the Curve's Fallen Angel range

What is the best Christmas present you've ever received? 
Pandora charms for my bracelets. 

Gingerbread men or sugar cookies? 
Ohhhh both!!!

Multicolored lights or all white? 
White :)

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Christmas dinner with the family. The smell, the laughs. Can't beat it. :)

And that's Amy! Make sure to go check out both of her blogs and wonderful pictures! Thank you to all my fantastic bloggers who participated and to all of you readers who read all of these posts!

On a different note, I don't think I'm going to be able to finish my nail art challenge. :/ I completely underestimated how busy I was going to get and didn't realize just how many days I was going to be away from our house (I was gone Friday evening, all of the weekend, and I'm even gone right now) and all of my nail polish. I'm really sorry that I let you guys down, but hopefully you understand. Thank you so much to all of the amazing bloggers who polished along with me. Thank you for viewing the posts I did do and hopefully you come back to look at some non-Christmas related manicures I have coming up!


  1. You haven't let anyone down silly. It's Xmas, time to eat and drink and be merry. Xxx


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